The Powhatan Leadership Institute (PLI) is a program that consists of 15 interactive sessions.  These sessions include a bus tour of Powhatan, a day trip to the General Assembly, a dinner with the Powhatan board of Supervisors/School Board and Recognition Dinner at completion of the program.

Most meetings will be held Tuesday evenings from 7:00PM to 9:15PM at various locations throughout the county with networking and refreshments available at 6:30PM.  The program kicks off on the first Saturday of January with a class orientation meet & greet along with a Bus Tour of Powhatan that is both informational and full of history, includes lunch at one of our local businesses.

The weekday trip to Richmond includes a tour of the state capital, meetings with our local political representatives and time to observe activities in the General Assembly.  This trip is enlightening, informative and full of history.  Lunch and transportation is provided at no additional charge.

A maximum of 35 non-elected Powhatan County of prospective Powhatan County residents will be accepted on a first-come basis.  Participants are expected to attend as many sessions as possible, missing more than three scheduled sessions may result in unsuccessful completion of the course.  The registration fee is $75 if paid before October 31st, $90 thereafter.  There are no additional charges for any of the activities, meals or refreshments.

The Powhatan Leadership institute is completely dependent upon donations from the community organizations, local area businesses and individuals.  Numerous county official, employees, businesses and organization representatives give their time and talents to make this program a great success.

The Powhatan Leadership Institute informs, educates and enlightens interested citizens about issues facing the county to foster citizen involvement in making Powhatan an even more desirable place to live, work and enjoy life.

To develop on an annual basis, a group of county citizens motivated to participate in current and future county activities. The Powhatan Leadership Institute recognizes that good and effective leadership spans far beyond those in positions of authority, and is not limited to any one race, culture or economic status. The goal of the PLI is to help the County reap the benefits of the varied talents and skills of the citizens of Powhatan County by:

Identifying potential leaders throughout the county.
Helping cultivate the leadership skills of citizens.
Encouraging potential leaders to take a more active role in the county.
Educating participants about the opportunities and challenges in Powhatan County.
Providing a forum for current and potential leaders to meet and discuss issues.
Developing a spirit of cooperation to benefit the county as a whole.
Acquainting citizens with day-to-day operations of their county’s government.

Encourage program participants from all areas of the county to become involved in community activities and to develop leadership skills.
Expand citizen leadership potential by increasing their knowledge of Powhatan County and the critical issues facing its citizens.
Encourage citizen involvement between program participants and current community and local government leaders.
Recognize those citizens who have an interest in helping the county develop its vision to become a desirable place to live, work and enjoy life.

Graduates will:

  • Better appreciate their community
  • Become better citizens
  • Develop new interests
  • Find volunteer work
  • Build knowledge of the political process
  • Contribute to the county
  • Learn county geography, culture and history
  • Develop a sense of place
  • Network with other citizens
  • Build friendships
  • Share Talents
  • Improve their quality of life
  • Become a part of the Powhatan Leadership Institute

General Information
For information, questions or to have an application emailed to you, please contact:
 T.C. Baggette , Leslie Baskin-Asip, & Brian Weitz •  pliclassof2020@gmail.com